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BOSSS Guardians is a guardianship and education advisory company established by Betty Ong Stevens in 2002.  Our Head Office is situated in the beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth in Dorset.  


Following her own studies at the UCL Institute of Education, Betty worked and lectured in UK colleges which provided an invaluable insight into the needs and requirements of overseas students.


Over the last 17 years BOSSS Guardians has worked closely with carefully selected British boarding schools to provide services to international students under the age of 18. 


As a result of this, we have extensive experience in providing educational guardianship, but also educational counselling, advice on studying, school placement and finding a homestay in the UK. Our aim is to create a strong relationship between parents, students, schools and host families which we achieve with our strong team of multilingual staff.

At BOSSS Guardians we know that choosing to study abroad is an important and life changing decision. Our reputation is well known to be supportive to the student and their parents in this exciting journey. Obtaining a qualification from a British school opens doors to excellent career opportunities, job prospects with comprehensive international networking.


The investment you make in organising your child's education now can bring great dividends in the future. Selecting an appropriate school and guardian family with the help of BOSSS Guardians' experience can help your child to develop into a well-rounded individual able to cope with the tough demands of the modern world.


With the many years of experience we have in placing international students into UK boarding schools, colleges and universities, we can make this process as straightforward and rewarding as possible leading to a bright and prosperous future.


Yours faithfully 
Betty Ong-Stevens, Managing Director 


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